Why You Must Take eCommerce Photo Editing Service

Photos or pictures are extremely important for any type of service. They are more important for e-commerce and online businesses. That’s the reason you need eCommerce photo editing service as a business owner. It helps customers understand the product even better. It can be emphasized that photos are the most important aspect of e-commerce. The product image helps the businessman sell better.

Pictures are used instead of words for describing products as sales are increased due to this process. Product image editing after photography is important for online business. Nice decoration of the product image is a necessity. Customers have to be very convinced to buy products online as they do not see the products beforehand. The elegant and high-quality images are bound to attract customers.

Importance of Professional Photo Editing Service in eCommerce 

Ecommerce is the fastest growing sector in populous and also developed countries. It can appeal to customers of all ages who interact with the World Wide Web. The daily transactions keep on increasing when looked from day to day. All sorts of products can be purchased from Ecommerce.

As the very less movement is required, many people find this platform lucrative. It depends on professional photos for the best business and attraction of customers. It will be hard to be successful in this sector if the product to be sold online does not have the best photos.

Photographs from family events, day-outs, vacations, birthday parties, weddings are taken for memories. These are even better kept when edited. The same goes for businesses. Edited photographs are even more important for businesses. A well-edited photograph will allure customers more and increase business profit. Editing is done according to a different crop factor, change of color, corrections of glare, etc.

A properly edited photo ensures the best looking photos on the website. An attractive photo is more likely to attract the attention of the prospective targeted buyer. A white or light grey background for pictures in websites are best for attracting buyers. Best deals should be sought on behalf of the customers after quotes are obtained over a free trial.

Images are manipulated to magnify the story-telling and self-expression. Customers judge a photo uniquely if images are filtered. Ecommerce photo editing service offers basic image editing features that correct imbalance in brightness, red-eye elimination, sharpness adjustment, zooming tools, and automatic cropping.

Popular Photo Editing Techniques 

Editing of photos is the process by which photos are altered for a better version. The photos can be digital, illustrations, prints or photographs on films. A form of editing called airbrushing is done manually whereas various software is used for editing photographs on the web.

Photo editing services mean a group of techniques. These techniques will help make a very ordinary photo to be very attractive. Cropping, background removal, retouching, masking, shadow creating, and finally color enhancement are jointly called photo editing services. These techniques definitely ensure the best outcome of photo editing.

1.Background Removal: The deletion of the background from the image is done in this process by isolating the subject.

2. Balancing White Color: The color of the light in the image is enhanced by giving a white background.

3.Contrast: Higher contrast makes an image more attractive, while lower contrast makes it flatter in color, hence less attractive to the customer.

4. Resizing and Cropping: Makes the adjustment of the dimensions of the image is done in this process.

5.Lens Correction: It detects any issues with the camera lens if there is a problem.

6.Color Adjustments: In this section, it changes the color of an item or element in the photo.

7.Exposure: The brightness of the photo is very important. This technique is for making the object clearly in the right way.

8.Reduction of Noise: This process ensures smoothing the picture out, typically accomplished by reducing the pixel size. This makes the picture clearer.

In most cases, business owners want to outsource this task as they have other aspects of the business to focus on. As a result, professionals need to be hired due to them having huge knowledge and understanding of the quality of services.

Besides this, there are many online tools like Adobe Photoshop(most popular), Adobe Lightroom, GIMP, PhotoScape, Pixlr Editor, PicMonkey, etc. Otherwise, if an individual has enough knowledge about editing then it can be done by own self.

Most Popular eCommerce Photo Editing Services 

The eCommerce industry needs several types of product photo retouching techniques. We pick some of the common methods to make images perfect for an online store.

Clipping Path 

Clipping path service is most commonly used and most useful for editing a photo. An editor cannot select an object properly without perfectly clipping an object. The pen tool in Photoshop is the best for making or doing excellent path service. Background can be removed, color can be corrected and multi-tasking can be done by using a clipping path.

Color Correction 

When the color of a product is corrected, the products look more lucrative and in-demand to the customer. The combination and style of product photos become unique. The color correction makes the products appear more professional.

Photo Background Removal

Removing the background will make the photos of the product more attractive and catchy. Market researchers suggest not to use the original photo of the product. The best background seems to be white and light grey. These backgrounds represent a normal image with a beautiful look.

Spot Retouching 

Photos with spots need retouching for a more lucrative appearance. Photo retouching makes a product look more gorgeous. A professional who has lots of practical knowledge should be chosen for this act. Retouching photos is the process by which an image is altered to prepare it for the final presentation.

Typically, retouches perform small localized adjustments to an image. Retouching is the polishing of an image, typically completed after globalized changes (such as color correction).

Image Masking 

This is done for removing hair, pets, furry jackets, dolls, and anything furry from the background. This act also requires the usage of the Photoshop pen tool. It is possible to retouch and edit pictures without hampering the quality or pixels of an image. Masking can also be used to remove/change the background in fashion photography.

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint

This sort of editing requires the use of dolls, humans, or mannequin to give an attractive look, but later require removal as the original images cannot attract the attention of the expected customers. It is a common and mostly used eCommerce image editing service for online clothing retailers.

Resize and Crop

This can lower the quality of an image so people doing this task should be extra skilled. In product photo editing services, resizing and cropping is very much required for making an image fit into the center and crop out unwanted part. Cropping is the process by which a part of the picture is cute so that the picture gets better framed. This process as well as resizing focuses on the impact of the subject in the photograph.

Image Manipulation 

This is a very important process to manipulate images according to the needs of the customer. Attractive images and branding are required for the promotion of products to prospective customers. This is a way to increase the number of customers to a website.

Photoshop is used by graphic designers for this process. Photo editing can be used in addition to this process for a better outcome. This process is very important for making banners, packaging of products, digital media, labels, and signboards.

Some Pro Tips for eCommerce Product Photography

  1. The proper lighting should be present.
  2. Strong shapes, colors, and lines should be used.
  3. Editing apps should be used to get the desired result.
  4. Grid reference should always be used.
  5. Eyes should be used before the lens.
  6. Minor edits should be focused on.
  7. Filters of own choice should be used for best effects.
  8. Quality should be focused on, not quantity.

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Photo Editing Service Provider?

Photo Editing is not a very simple task, though lots of people are going through training due to the high demand for e-commerce nowadays due to various reasons like globalization and increased traffic situations. It is not an easy job and needs a skillful person for the job with great focus and understanding. If this is absent it will be very hard to satisfy customers. Image retouching is a very much required skill by the product photo editor.

It is a straight forward, but a hard task for gaining the satisfaction of customers. Therefore, it is hard to find someone perfect for photo retouching. That perfect someone will save money and time for the customer. The main reason for investing time in finding a suitable product photo retouching service provider is to save time and money in the long run.

If there is an issue in this process, then the whole process has to be repeated. The main issues of taking help from a wrong service provider have missed print deadlines, unhappy or lost customers and clients, and money which is wasted. Badly edited photos can help you lose a deadline, campaign, or other important milestones. There may be untrustworthy individuals who may steal the photo and use it without any compensation or permission. There may be no protection of own belongings.

Online reviews are the best ways to short-list a service provided for product photo retouching on the web. There can be recommendations from friends and colleagues or even looking at their work on social media to gather ideas. Many industry publications are there that provide lists of the best product photographers which can be consulted.

Local networks are also a good place to look for this sort of service provider. Outsource service marketplaces are another good place to look. But care should be taken and understood that rather than an office held accountable, in this case, it is an individual in the virtual world, maybe in another country.

What Makes Photo Retouching Lab Unique?

For a long time now we have been offering professional photo editing services for the eCommerce industry. Our customer base is all over the world and we have been handling them with great care. Through word of mouth, we have extended our market. We are providing services in different industries, including automobiles, health care, jewelry, furniture, apparel, fashion, food, and more.

Photo Retouching Lab has a group of highly experienced team members with an extremely high level of product-specific knowledge of photo editing. We make sure our customers have a market advantage and are able to win consistently in competition with rivals.

  • Competitive pricing compared with other providers.
  • Service from the highly efficient photo editing team.
  • Take advantage of the latest techniques.
  • Strong consumer satisfaction.
  • Ideal production time for the industry.
  • Safe and reliable product image transfer.

As a business, we know how important it is for an e-commerce company to have simple, customer-friendly, and attentive photos, so our product image enhancement professionals use the latest version of Photoshop to run all projects.

We provide a cost-effective and time-saving service which leads to a higher profit of the businessman is the reason this service is used by most. It is a lucrative skill and a win-win situation for both parties.

We use proven methods, tools, and software to meet our customer’s needs within a given period of time. Just before you pick our company as your partner for the image editing solution, you can check the service quality free of charge. We guarantee the fastest time frame for the most competitive market price.

Wrapping Up

One of the biggest challenges of businessmen in the eCommerce platform is to attract customers as they do not see the product before purchase. The photos representing on the web should be of high quality and attention-seeking. The sales can only increase in proportion to the attraction. Using the best eCommerce photo editing service is the secret by which more and more customers can be achieved than you might think.

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