Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

Right now, I am seeking the attention of future photographers who are eagerly waiting and desiring to be a successful wedding photographer. Because today, our discussion will follow the most effective wedding photography tips. You must know that just a camera can never make you a professional wedding photographer.

Many things depend on your skills and experience. So, today, I am trying to increase your skills in wedding photography with the basic tips with some exceptional but effective tricks to make your task outstanding.

What makes wedding photography challenging?

Just as I said a moment ago that a camera is not enough for a wedding photography task. Even if it is nothing but basic tools. Because capturing the best moments in your frame is not an easy task. First of all, you have to remember that wedding photography is completely different from other photography sections.

It is a one-time event and so, you have only a few rooms for error. You may think it would be easier to achieve the client’s satisfaction. But believe me, it won’t be that much easier. So, you should understand all your client’s needs properly which is the first challenge of this case.

The next difference is the short time arrangement where you have to capture nearly every single moment. The feast of a wedding usually lasts no more than a few hours. So, capturing every moment of the couple with hundreds of guests must be different.

Besides, often it becomes difficult to focus properly for every single moment of the feast. But your attention is the must-have for your assignment. So, you have to be experienced, focused, attentive, and intelligent to complete your task with your best efforts and make it perfect.


Being An Experienced Photographer

Tell me, what can be the first thing you need to be a professional wedding photographer? If you are thinking about a camera, then sorry, you are not in the right way. You can borrow a camera from your friends to use it on the day, right? Yes, it is possible. So, the camera is not the first basic need.

Now tell me, how can you borrow experience from another person. Well, you can’t and so, it is the first and foremost need to be a professional and successful wedding photographer. In this case, I suggest you work for a professional wedding photographer as an assistant and gather as much experience as you can.


Pre-Wedding Preparations             

When you are well experienced and start working as a wedding photographer, you have to be clear about the whole task. Preparation, I mean the pre-wedding task is one of the most important facts here. Without some pre-planned tasks, it is not even possible to make it great. So, let’s see how you can ensure the best preparation with the pre-wedding tips for photography.

  • Fix All The Accessories and Camera

Make sure that not a single tools including camera body, lenses, flashlights, sheds, stands, batteries, memory cards, etc. are in their best condition. Remember that a little fault can cause an inversion. So, keep all your stuff okay and get ready for your job.

  • Visit The Location

Never think to reach the location for the first time on the wedding day. Visit the venue before the day and make plans on where and how you will take your best shots. It will help you to make the task easier and better.


  • Make A Plan for The Light Settings

While visiting the venue before the day, you should make a plan to set the light properly. Otherwise, you may make mistakes to place the lights in the right position.

  • Arrange The Backup

Keep all your backups ready. Keep your laptop, chargers, extra batteries, and memory cards ready. It will be better to have multiple cameras and lenses as the backup. Because depending on the electronic items won’t be 100% safe.

  • Go For A Rehearsal

Going for a preparation rehearsal is another key idea for a successful wedding photography task. You can ask your client to give you an hour so that you can understand their instructions and make it perfect.


  • Train Your Team

Going solo in a wedding photography project is nothing but a foolish idea. So, keep your assistants beside your hands. Train them properly so that you don’t have to ask them exactly what you need. Rather, they can understand by themselves and work accordingly.

  • Manage Backup Photographer

Life is uncertain and you are just a wedding photographer. So, if you have any problems on that day, your client won’t stop the feast for you. At the same time, all their hopes will be destroyed. So, manage backup photographers so that they can tackle the task in case of an emergency.

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips for The Best Shots

A wedding day is the biggest day of any person’s life. It is not a matter of just the day only. But it is like a memory for the life of the couple and their families. To keep the memory fresh, keeping photos is the best way. People know that and so, no wedding is celebrated without a wedding photographer.

This is why the demand for a wedding photographer is never seemed to be downgraded. So, stay focus to make your future as a professional wedding photographer bright.

Now, you should think about how and where to take the best shot. Let’s follow the tips, I have added below and see the difference. Hopefully, these will come as a great help for you.

Wedding Photography Tips

  • Shoot Single and Small Details

Yes, it is a matter of just a few hours. So, you cannot miss any of the single moment. Also, you don’t know when you get the best look for the shoot. So, try to capture all the small details of the feast.

  • Find The Smiles

A wedding is a day to joy. So, smiles will flow everywhere. And your task is to capture all those smiles so that the faces can expose the meaning wedding, the big day.

  • Take Shots of The Reactions

Like smiles, the precious reaction can be found everywhere in a wedding feast. And those reactions are enough to tell a story. So, try to capture the reactions to remind the people of those moments.

  • Use Multiple Camera and Lenses

As I just said before that a feast is full of small details with lots of joy and smiles. So, one person with one camera cannot possibly capture all those moments.

  • Use Diffused Light

In diffused light, wedding photos, especially the couple’s photos look better. It seems to be delightful and calm. So, using diffused light can bring extra amazement to your photography ideas.

  • Take Group Shots

Without taking group photos, a wedding feast is tasteless. So, make sure that all the guests are taking at least one group photo. Also, try to stay more attentive while capturing those group shots. Because you may not get a second chance to gather those people in another group.

  • Take Candid Shots

Don’t ask the people to pose for a shot. Rather than capture the unnoticed moment, I mean the candid photos. You must see how beautiful those candid will be.

Wedding Photography Tips

Suggestions For Final Editing

Now, it’s time for final editing. It is the most crucial part and you have to be experienced in this case. But following the ideas below can uniquely help you.

  • Make The Exposure Perfect

Adjusting exposure is one of the biggest challenges in this task. You can use highlight and white slider to adjust the exposure perfectly. Curves based exposure and dark show to adjust the background. You can also create bright highlights too.

  • Use HSL Tools

For fine-tuning the individual colors, you can use HSL tools. There are many options to use while customizing the images. Use white balance, saturation, luminance panel, and other options too.

  • Try White Balance for Color Correction

Color correction is the most important fact while editing some wedding photos. I suggest a white balance for this task. You can find it in the lightroom Classic control very easily.

  • Reduce Noise And Sharpen Photos

Most of the time, the photos you capture using a DSLR or SLR camera, is full of noise and are not sharp. So, to reduce noise and sharpen every single photo to make perfect.

  • Fix The White Balance With Gradient Tools

Fixing the while balance is another essentiality. You can use gradient tools to fix it properly. Especially to darken the sky and background, you can use this tool.

  • Use The Healing Brush

The total perfection, you cannot deny the minor faults. So, try a healing brush to deal with the minor faults. For example, you can vanish the acne and scars on the faces using this tool. This tool is also very helpful for retouching the images.

  • Use Export Tools

Without using lightroom’s tools, you cannot finish the image edition properly. There are difficult types of lightroom available for photographers. But I suggest Adobe Lightroom for wedding photography the most.

So, these are the basic wedding photography tips for final editing. Take your time and judge the photos from your perspective. This way, you can achieve the client’s satisfaction. At the same time, remember the deadline and never cross it for real.

Final Verdict

So, these are the tips, I think are enough to make you a professional wedding photographer. But the first thing you need, I am remembering you again, is your experience. Don’t try to be hurried in the feast and go there without any plan. Remember, the wedding day doesn’t come every month or year for a person. So, don’t destroy their hope.

And once you make it great you will reach one step ahead to be a successful and professional wedding photographer. Hopefully, you have understood exactly what I am trying to prioritize about these wedding photography tips. Still, if you have any confusion, just give me a knock. Also, let me know if you wish to know more about any point. Thanks a million, times to stay with us.

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