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What Is Real State Photo Editing ?

Pictures create the first impression in our minds. In real estate, good quality images are important to attract buyers. Every client has a distinct image in the minds of their dream house. And attractive pictures are what grab a customers’ attention. Imagine losing a potential buyer for unappealing pictures! You can hire the best real estate photographers and have the best settings. But sometimes your pictures just would not stand out for lack of lighting, clutter, saturated shadow, and many more reasons.

That’s where real estate photo editing services come to your rescue. Finding the most appropriate professional or agency in this case to satisfy all your needs can be a bit challenging. Many real estate agents opt for mediocre companies to lessen expenses. Remember in the long run expenses will not matter. A reliable company escalating your sales with attractive pictures will keep on booming your expenses.

Photo Retouching Lab is a reliable and experienced real estate image editing company. With us editing your pictures, you can be assured of enhancing the buyer’s interest.

Is Photo Editing Needed in Real Estate Industry?

You might feel that hiring a photography team will serve your purpose. However, pictures always do not come out as expected. Nor do they always bring out the best features in your property. In real estate, there is a saying, “Move to what moves you.” 62% of the buyers claim that appealing images grab their attention towards the property. Professional quality photos are statistically proven to get sold 50% faster.

In today’s competitive real estate business, lucrative property pictures are a must. Hence the investment in editing is not something you will not regret.

What Photo Retouching Lab Offers?

Photo Retouching Lab is a professional service provider that offers a broad range of services starting from color correction to photo manipulation.

You can select the services you need. At PRL, every penny you spend is worth it. We leverage the best technologies to provide the finest services. Our employees put their nose to the grindstone and do every final correction before submitting work. We work until all your preferences are met.

Our ranges of real estate photo editing services are mentioned below. We are at your service 24/7.

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

Our Service Category

Color Correction

In terms of houses, the brighter the color, the better. Dark colors make a place look cramped and small. Whereas bright colors make it look spacious and airy.

We use our color correction techniques to elevate your pictures. We make the undesirable and dark corners of pictures look bright and appealing.

We do not make any color too artificial to put off your clients. Rather our editing team adjusts the color corrections and makes the picture look natural. 

Camera Reflection and Flash Removal

Camera reflections and flash can be a sore to the eyes. They ruin your beautiful architecture snaps.

But our editors have the perfect solution for you. With the best software, we remove camera reflection and flash from mirrors and bathroom floors.

We know there is a fine line between the enhancement of photos and deceiving the audience. And our team never goes overboard with the editing.

Brightness and Contrast Correction

Brightness and contrast correction are the backbone of photo editing. These can make a bland and boring image look bright and appealing.

Our professionals eliminate or tone out the color cast, red contrast to make pictures look naturally vibrant. Adjusting color, brightness, sharpness, tone we can turn mediocre-looking pictures into a mesmerizing one.

Remember in today’s competitive real estate market, the best-presented property stands out.

Adjustment of White Balance

Adjusting white balance is elementary to give your snaps the natural look. Unnatural white colors make the image look dull and gloomy.

White balance means adjusting white and removing unwanted color casts. Our talented professionals scrutinize this factor and adjust the required white balance on objects.

Your satisfaction is our only priority. And we never compromise with what we provide.

Image Enhancement

High-quality images appeal to potential buyers. But sometimes even the best real estate photographers fail to capture the picture they envision.

We have the set of editors for you. Our professionals will enhance your images with panorama techniques, use the perfect color contract, diminish white blemishes, and take care of every little detail.

We use the best technologies and provide top-notch services.

Photo Perspective Correction

Are you concerned about those straight, vertical, and horizontal lines that do not converge in your property pictures? Our editing team is an expert in all real estate perspective correction techniques.

We have the expertise to provide clients with vertical, horizontal, and angle perspective correction. We correct all the misalignment and distortion making your photographs looking cohesive and compact.

No matter which correction you need, just name it.

Image Resizing

Marketing requires the photographs to be of a particular size. You do not need to be concerned about image resizing before uploading property pictures on your website.

Our group of experts will ensure that your images are not pixelated while resizing. We will resize them to your preferred standards.

We ensure that your buyer feels the property to be the perfect investment.

Digital Decluttering

Is a parked vehicle blocking your beautiful lawn’s view? Was the dirty pan lying on the beautiful granite counter overlooked by your photographers?

We are at your service with our general clutter removal techniques. By decluttering your real estate images, we will give your photographs a clean and tidy look.

Our editors even do a bit of photo manipulation and blending after removal to fill the empty spot.

Sky Replacement Services

Gloomy and overcast skies can be a real disappointment for real estate photographers. A dark sky can make your lucrative property look weary.

Well, weather is something one cannot control. But fortunately, our skilled editors can make your real estate properties look like a shot on a sunny, vibrant day. Moreover, our clients can choose a beautiful sunset sunrise or evening sky as per their business requirements.

Photo Manipulation

A barren lawn, flat television screen, or unlit fireplace makes a room look empty and dull. We can add some green grass to make that lawn look lush, add some pretty flames in that fireplace, and an image to that empty television screen.

Buying is an emotional and visual process. And photo editing is an important aspect of real estate. With our photo manipulation techniques, we bring out the best in your property.

Try Our Free Service First ?

Why Should You Choose Us?

You might wonder what makes us different from all the other real estate photo photographers editing companies out there.

Well apart from the wide range of services mentioned above, Photo Retouching Lab has a robust team of qualified image editing experts. Our team is committed to maintaining both quality and deadline.

Be it removal of an unwanted object or image enhancement, you name it and our services are there for you. With PRL, you do not need to worry about your images looking artificial and flashy.

We know what is allowed and what is not in the editing job. We strictly maintain the procedure to gain the best outcome for our clients.

Do not think more and contact us to be at your services.

Who Needs Our Real Estate Photographers Editing Service?


Most of the time, real estate photographers from different industries like fashion, commercial, real estate, etc. are assigned to modify the photos in the business deals. But often handling so many tasks like making clipping paths or ghost mannequins for different product photos isn’t possible for them. That’s why they need this service on a regular basis.


The E-commerce industry is now the most leading one in the world. That’s why businessmen are now heading towards e-commerce business. As a counter of that, online sell and buy are broadening. The more products they want to buy, the more photos they need. As a result, they also need to get service from these editing sections.


In the modeling world, thousands of photos are captured regularly and it has a great value in the fashion industry. But taking photos is not everything to be done. The biggest part lies in editing and retouching of the images professionally. That’s why all these photo editing services become very essential in this case.


In the field of real-estate business, having good photos of the properties is like a must for any company. Otherwise, customers won’t get involved with them. So, a photographer is essential to take good photos where image editing services are like the armor for the warriors in this case.


We all know that news and Magazines of today’s world include more photos than the reports. So, taking photos is the job of many photojournalists and real estate photographers. So, the photo editing services play a vital role to provide liveliness on those photos and make them eye-catching.

Online Marketers

One of the biggest parts of Magazine is the advertising part. To properly advertise in a Magazine, good product photos are indeed essential. That’s another task for the photo editing companies. Without having some essential photo editing services, the camera photos are not enough qualified to publish on the Magazines.

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