What Is Raster to Vector Conversion Service?

To understand the idea of the conversion, you need to understand the basics first. Then you need to know how to convert raster to vector smartly! It’s not about working with vector-based software or something like that. Before that, we need to know something from the very beginning. Basically, images can be of two types; without considering other possible classification. One is raster and another is a vector. Raster images are measured in dpi or dots per inch. So, you can understand that the raster images are created as dots or pixels in digital format which is little square grids. It’s great as long as you use the image with its original size. But things get messy when you enlarge the image. The pixel or dot measurement gets mixed up and we see a blurry unrecognizable image. A vector image is totally different from that. It consists of mathematically defined entities which are drawn between coordinates. It’s all about shapes, lines, and curves. So, it doesn’t depend on pixel count. Being free from that limitation, a vector image can be scaled up or down to any imaginable or usable sizes and you’d still get a clear image with maximum resolution. Raster to vector conversion service is simply a service that includes replacing every bitmap of a raster image to a vector image. This is a very time-consuming job for non-professionals. But Photo Retouching Lab is here to do that mammoth task for you. Ordering our service will not only save your time but also keep the quality of your artwork intact for any use.

If you have a photo or blurry image that you want to enlarge, vector conversion is the way to go. Images and logos for banners, vehicle wraps, print marketing materials, screen printing and more can lose quality if you enlarge them from the original raster file. Converting raster to vector preserves the fine details and gives you a big image with crisp, clean lines.

But converting raster files to vector files can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Outsourcing can free up valuable time at a budget-friendly cost. When you receive your vector files, you can use them at any size without losing quality.

Enlarge your photo and slogan for the sign at your next trade show, create vector line art to engrave your logo, or get clean vectors to screen print your emblem on t-shirts. At Photo Retouching Lab, we manually draw each vector to make sure every detail is captured.




How It’s Done

Converting a vector image to raster image is a very easy task and you’ll find tons converting tools both online and offline to do that. But the process of converting raster to vector is very complex and you need hours of professional work and patience. It’s not like the as usual clipping path service or image manipulation service. The whole conversion includes image acquisition, pre-processing, line tracing, text extraction, shape recognition, topology creation, and attribute assignment. The quality of the raster image holds great significance. So, choosing the right way of image acquisition will make a lot of difference. Our team of experts can do it very effectively. A brief description of the above terms needs more writing and technical explanation. So, we’re not going deep into that. Vector images are very important in many industries. With vector images of your artwork, you’ll be able to finish many projects within projected time with perfection.

Our Service Provides

Converting any artwork from raster to vector for mechanical, civil engineering and architectural 2D & 3D vector drawings, T-shirt, mobile, or any use

Making your raster image logo to vector image to use anywhere

Designing a vector image of a product

Creating 2D CAD design

Making 3D vector conversion

Accepting any image format to convert without deteriorating the quality


Why Choose Photo retouching lab

There is a set of reasons why you choose our service in USA is worth your attention.  Stop watching useless Photoshop clipping path tutorials on YouTube, address our service right now.

    • We are deeply concerned about the quality of clipping path outsource. To be confident that our deliveries meet top quality requirements, we hire only professional stuff and still spend much time for their education and training. The team also includes experienced clipping path service specialists that have numberless examples of clipping path in their portfolios. They can easily cope with the most comprehensive tasks as clipping path around hair.
    • We have easy ways of payments, care a lot about security of your online payments. We accept PayPal for the convenience of our customers. 
    • We guarantee fast transfer of results. Our preference is DropBox, which guarantees fast picture interchanging all over the world. Your folders will be auto synchronized with the Photo Retouching Lab system, so we can copy/paste images any time we need it within several seconds. You may also use addition file managers under condition of before-hand agreement. 
    • We work around the clock. That guarantees fast delivery. Photo Retouching Lab tries to complete every order within not more than 2 working days (except bulk orders).
    • We have all possible types of clipping path in combination with additional services. You may ask for multi clipping path, color correction, creative retouching, etc. The biggest advantage is that you deal directly with a retoucher, whose aim is understanding your needs and advising the most appropriate ways out.

The best thing that may convince you to choose exactly this clipping path service company is our portfolio. On the pictures attached below you will see possible variants of creating clipping paths in Photoshop in big resolution.