Photo Restoration Service

What is Photo Restoration Service?

All the retouching services deal with varieties of photo editing tools that help us to modify the photo out of our needs. Most of them are frequently required in various industries for editing clicked photos like changing color, removing the background, creating a clipping path, and similar.

But photo restoration is completely a different category of editing Service that includes a set of unique tools that lets us restore old and damaged photos. We repair the damaged photos full of scratches, marks, noise, and deterioration caused by water.


Photo Retouching Lab is a Photo editing service provider that is concerned with the needs of the clients. As we are used to providing photo editing services of different categories, we have separate teams that handle particularly assigned jobs.

That’s the way we provide services as our clients require and restoring old and damaged photos is one of the most common services we are providing with years of experience. Our team members follow several steps to restore an old image. They will digitalize the photo, open it in Photoshop, crop, resize, colorize, straighten, and make all necessary adjustments to restore it.

Besides, they’ll apply filters to reduce the noise and blurriness to provide it a new look.

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Why Do You Need Photo Restoration Service?

Nostalgic feeling belongs to our old photos when the days were full of happiness. Days run and our old photos get damaged anyway. But now, that scratches and water deterioration cannot take away your memories of those old and nostalgic moments anymore. Old photos need restoration service mainly to make amends or to reduce noise and spoiling that degrade them severely. These degradations are the outcome of blur, noise, torn, missed camera focus, scratch, dirt, and so on.

However, photography and photo editing tools are upgrading day by day and photo restoration is the latest Service we get to learn from technology. So, if you are one with those old and damaged photos that you wish to repair, you can ask us to help. Our 24/7 customer service will always be there to assist you. We take every single photo as a challenge and take care of them as you ask to do.

Our Photo Restoration Service Includes:

    • Provide colors to a black and white photo
    • Photographic reproduction of the damaged photos
    • Professional Photo editing service
    • High-end retouching
    • Digital Restoration of the old photos
    • Enlarging photos
    • Antique Photo Restoration
    • Digital Photo enhancement
    • Restore photos with deterioration caused by water
    • Portrait retouching
    • Remove scratch and marks
    • Restore torn photos

Categories of Our Photo Restoration Service

Light Photo Restoration

We use tools to restore photos lightly where we fix the color and some other issues. In this case, you have to pay $25 for a single photo.

Service Includes:

Small damage repairing,

Scratches removing

lightly, Color correction,

Dull color modification,

Overall enhancement,

Remove blemishes

Medium Restoration

In this case, you’ll enjoy something better than the light photo restoration service. It takes $35 for a single photo to restore it on average.

Service Includes:

Fix the sepia issues

Standard restoration

Complete restoration of every detail

Medium scrapes retouching

Heavy Restoration Service

For the most possible restoration, you should try the Heavy Restoration Service. This type of service brings the most flawless appearance of an image. It costs about $50 for a single photo.

Service Includes:

Premium Restoration

Restore extremely damaged photos

Parts Combination

It is another extreme restoration service where you will also get a premium restoration. But the extra facilities we provide here is the edge fixing. It also costs $50 for every single photo.

Service Includes:

Fix the ruined edges

Premium Restoration

Restore extremely damaged photos


The most common problem of old days photos is to lose its color or not having it at all. But providing the exact color is pretty time consuming and critical. Still, we provide the best coloring service for the old photos with $50 for one.

Service Includes:

Photo coloration

Standard restoration

Sepia Issue Fixing

Medium damage repairing

Restore Old and Damaged Photos

Many times, some torn and damaged photos are so precious to most of us that we can not throw it away for the damaged look. In such a situation, we can just provide a pinch of Photoshop to the photo to bring the life of the photos back. Photo restoration service can do that by bringing the glory and color of those old gems.

Photo restoration service is not about a few techniques and there are tons of issues that we need to repair while restoring an old photo. The techniques we need to follow are completely depending on the condition of the photos. For example, photo renovation or colorization is needed to repair water damage. Again, photographic restoration is essential to reroute a fated and damaged photo.

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