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Why Do Photo Editing Services Prices matter?

In the era of E-commerce, globalization and outsourcing have made the production and distribution of products and services easier. Now, you can save your time, money as well as stress by using the services offered by the photo editing companies. It will mean that you can provide more time to concentrate on your clients, on several aspects of your business and will give you an idea of photo editing services prices.

If you deal with your tasks with the professional service provider, it will become very easy. Most of the companies have a chart which includes their price list for all services that they provide. If you are looking for professional editing services for a cheap price, you can check out this article.

As we know, you always want a reasonable price from stable companies. You should choose the most suitable package from professional photographers, and that’s why we have listed below. In most websites, You may need to pay for the editing services by American dollars via PayPal or other e-wallets. Cheap fees don’t mean low editing quality in all cases.

If you have suspects regarding quality, You can ask for a trial as most of the websites provide trial opportunities also. Not just the price but the most convenient turnaround time should also be chosen.

Best photo editing service price list

Before you choose the website to place the orders, keep in mind that you need to check the photo editing services prices list updated on every photo editing service provider’s website. Usually, the price list contains photo editing pricing. For your assistance, we have enlisted the necessary Photo Editing Pricing list for you here.

It will help you know about the rates and prices for photo editing prices given on your desired company. At times, if you are a bit confused about the pricing issues, you can further ask us or search for help asking in their mailbox. You also need to check the payment options available on their websites for your convenience.

Fix the photo

Everyone must try such a wonderful website for editing. Usually, editing requires considerable amounts of time that could be devoted to mastering Photoshop. FixThePhoto can be named as the first professional step. They charge only 2 dollars per picture for basic editing and 5 dollars for the pro version. They also have high-end pictures editing services taking 10 dollars for each picture. For manipulation or restoration, they charge 25 dollars/pictures.


They provide service within your afford, starting from only 2.99 dollars for each image. All kinds of service including photo retouching, enhancements, and manipulation, you can get from their skilled editors. They have several packages to look for such as Figo ten, Figo max, etc. They have 4 packages.

One is Figo 10 which will cost 20.29 dollars. Others are Figo plus for 50.29 dollars, Figo saver for 100.29 dollars and Figo max for 200.29 dollars. You can choose any of those 4, and do payment and have the editing service according to your requirements.



They are recognized for providing services within just 24 hours. Retinka also do revisions as much as you want. They have packages of 1credits, 3 credits, and 5credits, you can choose one with their highly skilled team. Retinka receive the payment with PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

For your images of an e-commerce site, this can be a great service provider to get professionals to work. You know, online business is much more dependent on a greater image, and this the only thing that can alone make your business profitable.


They are well known for their fantastic work. They provide service incredibly fast and try their best to provide according to your requirements. All of their photo retouching and graphics designing service starts from only 7 dollars. All of the artists of their team are fully experienced.

Based on 3 different of their editing services prices packages-silver, gold, and premium, they are great to meet your expectations. Silver service will cost 7 dollars whereas gold service and platinum service will cost 14 dollars and 28 dollars accordingly.


Either you need color exposure or toning as well as restoration of images, every kind of service you can get from them. For midi service, they take 3 USD for each picture, whereas, they take 9 USD and 15 USD accordingly for each picture of MIDI or Maxi service.

In the case of mini service, you will get clean, shiny and bright images with the help of color correction and exposure service. MIDI service is for getting service from professional retouchers. You should choose the maxi service if you need serious photo retouching using the powerful processor for getting the highest resolution also.

Imagework India

If you have a bulk of work, a lot of images of products of your e-commerce site, you can easily get their service at an affordable price. They have experience of providing thousands of images edited within a day. You can get all the pictures of your processed within 24 hours. They are well known for the wonderful quality of photo editing. Imagework India is 24/7 at your service which is a must in the photography industry.

They provide all types of editing services including basic clipping path to multi clipping path, normal images masking to model images masking, shadow creation or color correction, etc. Their packages for editing services prices for clipping path service of 1-200 images, they charge $0.49/image. For clipping masks, they take $0.69/image, $0.49/image for shadow creation, $0.85/image for color correction $1.25/image for ghost mannequin, and $1.20/image for photo retouching.

Purple key

They are well known for providing higher quality service. They just need to assess your requirements in a good manner and they can make it work without any delays. The best of all is their photo retouching service. They can provide within 24 hours. Purple Key has a highly creative and skilled team to meet your demands.

They do believe that their Client’s time is very valuable and that’s why they offer a special opportunity of pro membership. You will get access to different features including an unlimited number of offers, one year of commitment and much more. It will cost only £199 per month.


Retouching is a must for getting great photos. They are trusted worldwide by all famous photographers and e-commerce sites. They provide professional retouching and e-commerce editing services with bundle/combo offers. You can get a free trial before confirming your order. Price is a little bit higher, as they take $1/image you can get subscriptions starting from $500.

Photo alter

All types of photo editing services you can get from those. They have a team of professionals that work on photo retouching and overall editing. They provide services including image enhancement, retouching, restoration, resizing, color correction, manipulation, masking, portrait editing, and much more. For a specific amount of work, you need to fill up a form and request for quotation.


If you need a bulk amount of work to be done, you can go to get their service. They have provided the opportunity of free trial and if you need to know how much they charge, then you need to request a quotation. As they determine service according to projects.

What you have to do is, mail them with all your project descriptions along with your specific requirements. They will do accordingly your instructions and provide you a price quote before starting work.

Photo Retouching Lab

The last one, here I want you to get introduced to is Photo Retouching Lab. It is a company that provides the best photo editing services at the lowest price. So, millions of happy clients. However, the price range may vary here following your demand. But they start with only 0.29 USD for the clipping path, 0.25 USD for Drop Shadow, and 1.19 USD for ghost mannequin.

So, you must get an idea about how cheap it is to get a great service from this well-known company. But these 3 tasks are not all they can handle. You must find other related editing services there with a comparatively lower price range.

Was It Helpful?

 This price listing is ready to get rid of the darkness. The cloud of mystery lifts once you check the list of the rates of different companies. In line with the price quote given, you’ll be able to place the orders and create an excellent experience in getting your demands of photo editing service fulfilled.

Wrapping Up

In the end, I must say that it will be aforementioned that image editing could be a refined art. Everybody wants excellent photos to satisfy their demands. So, image editing service is turning into a distinguished one. It seems that image editing service has become one of the foremost spectacular arenas for photography and the e-commerce industry.

And now, you can enjoy those services at very cheap pricing. Hopefully, today’s discussion on photo editing services prices will come as a great help for you. Still, if you want to know more, just give a knock and say with us.

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