Head Shot Retouching

What is Head Shot Retouching?

Facing problems with your portraits to represent them perfectly? Need an urgent and natural solution? Don’t worry. You are at the right place. Photo Retouching Lab offers you to provide the best quality headshot retouching services at competitive prices.


This service is basically required by actors, photographers, agents, studios, and models as well as by other individuals for professional, business, or corporate purposes. Our experts at PRL ensure to edit and retouch headshots as naturally as possible to maintain the natural texture of the photos.

Besides, we try our best to deliver industry-grade and ultimate professional photos by retouching shadows, enhancing background, correcting red-eye, whitening teeth, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, and making every other necessary adjustment.

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Why is Head Shot Retouching?

Many people have a natural desire to represent themselves in the finest possible way in a photograph. This is the fundamental reason why headshot photo retouching services are gaining popularity day by day. Besides this is highly beneficial for many people who are models, actors, barristers, lawyers, realtors, corporate executives, journalists, and many more, including basically those who are in need to maintain a public profile.

Because retouching service turns their headshot images into reality with a professional touchup and thus offers to build an enriched career portfolio. Photographers may capture great photos but only professional editors and retouchers can make those pictures engaging and artistic by hiding all the imperfections such as blemishes, scars, uneven skin tones, etc.

Headshot retouching is one of the coolest ways to represent oneself professionally. It helps various companies to learn more about an individual with their facial expressions because a standard headshot demonstrates a person’s charisma, characteristics, beauty, and many other important features. 

It is said that the first impression is the last. That’s why a headshot photograph can be immensely impactful to create a positive impression for anybody if it conveys the proper message. But if it is not edited by a professional, it may deliver an altogether different message which may portray a negative image.

So, imperfect headshots should be edited and retouched by the professionals to let one’s personality shine through the image. However, in this era of social networking, the value of the professional and tricky representation of a headshot image is indescribable no matter what it is used for, such as for company websites, business cards, or for creating social media profiles.

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Our Headshot Image Retouching Services Include

 Headshot Retouching Service belongs to the photography post production service which uses advanced photo editing techniques and converts images from average to iconic. It includes changing background, removing visible scars or any other imperfection, reshaping body and face, fixing color, skin toning, and so on.

Our latest professional services offer the followings:

Our Service Category

Skin Smoothening

It is the process of photo retouching. We handle this process very carefully because extra smoothening can make the headshots look fake and unprofessional. Skin tone-enhancing is also an essential part of this service

Teeth Whitening and Fixing

Our expert team members can effectively edit the yellowish teeth in the photos which also brightens the smile of the subject. Moreover, they remove any traces of braces on the teeth.

Removing Imperfections

Our editors try to work with all the tiny details of the face to make the images glamorous and flawless. They focus on removing blemishes, scars, wrinkles, pimples, freckles, stray hairs, or any other distracting elements. Birthmarks and tattoos are also removed as per clients’ demands.

Eye Correction

Red-eye removal, eye-bag removal, removal of under eyes dark circles belong to this service. Our expert retouching team also sharpens the features of the eyes to make them natural yet attractive. Besides, we remove the undesired glasses glare too.

Background Editing

This service includes isolating images from the backgrounds, changing colorful backgrounds into white and vice versa, adding or removing objects, fixing borders, dropping shadows, merging two images into one, replacing an unappealing background by a perfect matching one, etc.

Body Retouching Services

Body Retouching

By reducing imperfections of the body and face such as double chin, face fat, armpit wrinkles, and by slimming the subject if required, our retouchers beautify the body which certainly enhances the quality of the image. At the same time, we also ensure to smooth and straighten the clothing if required.

Color Correction

  • It’s an absolute must step in headshot retouching to transform dull and normal images into sparkling as well as stunning. We provide the services of color adjustments, color mapping, color enhancements, correcting highlights and shadows, adjusting brightness or contrast, balancing proper saturation, etc.

Beauty and Glamour Retouching

It is a must-have service in case of models, celebrities, public figures, ad agencies, magazines, etc. which includes digital makeup, skin softening, modifying makeup, beautifying hair by adding shine, highlights, color and every other thing to make the image outstandingly glamorous and gorgeous overshadowing billions of images throughout the web.

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How Do We Do It?

Now, you must think about how we are doing it, right? Well, we follow a very strict rule to serve our clients. We are extensively instructed not to compromise with quality. That’s why we send every single image to the clients after editing it. Their confirmation of satisfaction leads us to finish other tasks before finally delivering them. We never get tired to re-edit the images until they come to the standard of the clients’ needs. Our team with a good number of experts is divided into several sections to handle different tasks and we aim to maintain a good team working system.

Who Needs Our Service?

Models and Actors Headshots

These types of headshots require more retouching than regular portraits. High levels of skill and experience are demanded by these types of headshots retouching because the models and actors must look stunning and flawless in all their photos.

Based on the clients’ requirements, we decide whether to apply a moderate/basic level of retouching or advanced/ high-end ones. Key editing techniques such as Dodge and Burn are used, and all the imperfections are minimized or removed permanently to ensure an altogether polished look.

Commercial/ E-Com Headshots

This is involved with the industry of e-commerce. A friendly and trustworthy situation should be created while providing headshot retouching services for an advertising agency for attracting more customers.

Hence our experienced team focuses on representing the e-commerce product model as completely genuine, natural, and appealing in the eyes of the audience so that they get confidence to trust the brand and buy the products. In this case, all the distracting elements are removed from the image so that the viewers can avoid distractions.

Business& Corporate Headshots

Business and corporate headshots require image editing and retouching with a genuine, neutral, and solid photo background with perfect lighting. The main challenge for our retouchers here is to maintain the natural yet highly professional look in the images simultaneously.

The retouching of a corporate headshot is needed trust to attract the clients even before meeting in person. So our team focuses on making the person in the photograph look confident, authoritative, and most importantly, reliable.

Theatrical/ Legit

 It is different from a commercial headshot. Here, the retouching services emphasize the roles of the models or actors which they are playing on television, film, or theatre. We can ensure that if our headshot retouching and editing services are used, the specific role of a movie or drama will immediately be connected with the audience because it’s a natural and realistic presentation and ensure the sale of the product to a great extent.


We all know that news and Magazines of today’s world include more photos than the reports. So, taking photos is the job of many photojournalists and photographers. So, the photo editing services play a vital role to provide liveliness on those photos and make them eye-catching.

Online Marketers

One of the biggest parts of Magazine is the advertising part. To properly advertise in a Magazine, good product photos are indeed essential. That’s another task for the photo editing companies. Without having some essential photo editing services, the camera photos are not enough qualified to publish on the Magazines.

Also, we provide services to those who are in much need of professional-looking headshots. For example, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Models, and Actors, Public Figures, Those Who are Active on LinkedIn are highly recommended to have professional headshots.

Without getting a high-quality professional headshot taken, they cannot survive in their respective industries and professions. Thus our service packages cover any issues regarding photo editing and retouching while serving a wide range of people.

Benefits of Headshot Retouching

Among the innumerable benefits of the headshot retouching service, the fundamental one is that it enhances the beauty of a raw image by discarding any flaws created during the photoshoot. It helps create a stunning look for people from different sectors. Especially people from the entertainment industry cannot do without this service as they need to maintain a flawless portfolio.

This service can turn a low-quality image into an extraordinary one by fixing low lighting, imperfect makeup, face masks, and other photography drawbacks. However, photo retouching is one of the major secrets of the immaculate cover photos we see in different magazines. It also avails the opportunity to turn the old photos into new ones. Similarly, our old family photos can get back it’s grandeur and glory by using the headshot photo retouching technique.

Photo retouching has made so many advancements that it can turn any old black and white photographs into a colored one without sacrificing the quality and clarity of the original one. This technique is called a color splash.

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Why You Choose To Photo Retouching Lab ?

There is a set of reasons why You Choose Our Image Editing Service.

With an efficient bunch of photo editors and retouchers, Photo Retouching Lab has grown as one of the prominent photo editing and retouching service providers over time. Our highly qualified team members use their expertise in the best possible way to provide the clients with the finest quality headshot images. We do not make any compromises with the quality of the images.

Clients’ satisfaction is our inspiration. We promise to maintain deadlines strictly while maintaining international standards regardless of the complexity of the project. Over and above our services are available at the most affordable price range. Our enormously dedicated team members will ensure to provide an invisible retouch to your image so that it does not look artificial.

We are always available for our valued clients to help them. So our cordial invitation for you to try our retouching services once and we assure you to experience the best headshot photo retouching services from usresolution.

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