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The photo retouching service that a professional photographer or a beginner may require, Photo Retouching Lab provides all of them with its skilled hand. For busy photographers, we love to provide our readymade services for photographs of the wedding, portraits, wildlife, newborn, landscape, e-commerce, and so on. We are here to meet the requirements of the photo retouching tasks to bring the possible perfection. If you look for a professional, protective, and affordable photo retouching service, then PRL can be the best option for you. You must enjoy the most efficient and satisfying outcome with us.

Photo Retouching Services
List of Our Photo Retouching Services Includes:
  1. Retouching Portraits in Photoshop (Wrinkles Removal, Skin Smoothening, Whitening Teeth)
  2. Wedding Photo Retouching Services (Culling and Photo Color Correction)
  3. High End Photo Retouching Services (Beauty Retouching, Make Up Creation, Hair Retouching, Body Reshaping)
  4. Product Photo Retouching Services (Backgroung Removal, Color Correction, Shadow and Reflection Creation)
  5. Jewellery Retouching Services Real Estate Photo Editing Services (Image enhancement,HDR Photo Editing)
  6. Custom Image Retouching Services Clipping Path & Masking Service Photo Manipulation services Old Photo Retouch & Restoration Services
Our Services Explained

How It Work

eCommerce Business Image Editing Service
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Clipping path

Starting at $0.29 USD/image

Drop Shadow

Starting at $0.29 USD/image

Ghost mannequin

Starting at $1.19 USD/image

Why Choose Us ?
Our photo retouching company specializes in providing all types of photo retouching, corrections and manipulation.

Why Should You Choose Photo Retouching Lab Service?

✓ A professional photographer can enjoy photo retouching service per photo starting at a cheaper price.

✓ The online order placing process is much easier for customers.

✓ Our service for several years has gained many testimonials and recommendations by our satisfied customers that must help you to have trust in our service.

✓ We must ensure the highest satisfaction of our customers by following their commands and modification style in retouching photos.

Professional photography retouches can do all that photo editing work instead of you!

How Our Online Photo Editing Service Works

Using our online service is very easy for anyone. You just have to follow 3 simple steps to place an order here.

1. First, create your accounts on our sites. Log in and send us the photos you want us to retouch for you.

2. Use or easy payment system and pay for the service you need.

3. We will complete our tasks within the given time and then you can accept our service. If you need any change then request for change and then accept it finally.

Be sure that our professional photography retouchers will follow your photo editing guidelines to create a digital masterpiece for your clients.

Our skilled team members will always follow 100% of the guidelines in the modification of our customers so that they can appreciate our service with the masterpiece level outcome.

Services From US

You can save your time and sell more with the photo retouching service containing possibly the highest perfection with our service. You can check out our professional photo editing services and eye cache retouching levels too.

Clipping Path

Unlike most of the photo editing services, we love to handle the clipping path service by our hands. You will get a finely finished edge and clear appearance for the most consistent outcome of your photos. Our hand-drawn clipping path service can provide white background or the customized one you ask us to add.

Photo Retouching

For the proper and finest presentation of the photos, photo retouching is the must-have process. It is like polishing the photos to bring perfection to it. Our skilled retouchers handle the portrait photos to bring the smoothest skin, white tooth, and other stuff. On the other hand, with our service, the product photos become more

Shadow Creation

Shadow creation in the photo alteration refers to the visual effect using different graphics tools to create a shadow for an object and to bring the natural impression of the object. Different types of photos need shadow creation of different types. And we know which one needs which kind of shadow creation and try the best

Ghost mannequin

Especially for wearables, ghost mannequin is one of the most used and familiar photo alteration services. This service is also known as an invisible mannequin, 3D mannequin, or a hollow man. It is all about to vanish the mannequin or model to showcase the wearables separately. For the online business associates, we provide this service skillfully.

Image Masking

To hide some portion of a photo so that you can reveal the other part properly, you have to use the image masking process. And we are here to take care of that kind of stuff and we are quite experienced in 3 different kinds of image masking. Layer masking, clipping masking, and alpha channel masking are the types you may need to.

Raster To Vector

Sometimes, you also need to convert the raster images or bitmap images to the vector one. We are also aware of that and have gained sufficient experience in this newly renovated service. Using Adobe Photoshop, we handle this converting approach for different purposes.skillfully.

Photo Restoration

You can also bring back to a new life of your old and nostalgic photos. We are also providing services of photo restoration, a comparatively completed photo alternating service to restore the old and damaged photos. We will bring out the possible finest presentation of those.

Graphic Design

Graphics Design is the most common Photoshop element that you may need. And we provide services for that too. Our analytic and creative graphic designing service must meet all your requirements perfectly and solve hundreds of graphical editing issues for different business purposes.

eCommerce Solution

It’s an eCommerce solution that you can ask our designers to take care of. For different e-commerce related purposes, you may need to alter and retouch photos in different ways. And you can provide us guidelines of your needs for those eCommerce essences and we will deliver the best of our efforts to meet your needs.

Exclusive Service

Picking the best re-appropriating photograph altering administration, we prescribe you tending to Photo Retouching Lab, the best support of spare your valuable time back without harming the nature of your photographs. Shooters who use picture takers re-appropriate altering organizations gain 40%

Color Correction

If you think some unwanted colors are spoiling your photo to be a masterpiece, color correction is the only solution for you. And we have workers good at these tasks. We will follow all your instructions in correcting and modifying colors and continue working unless it will be up to your satisfaction.

Our Portfolio
How Photo Retouching Lab Differs from Other Photo Editing Services?
We love to offer a special approach to working with every photographer. The motto is to help them in their photography business success and also to receive their satisfaction. Our team always tries to be aware of the trend, relevant business issues, and the needs of the clients. That’s how we help professional photographers or business associates in improving their shooting skills and marketing experience with our retouching service.

Expert Designer


Regular Client


Project Complete


Happy Client

Our Strength ?

Expert works are the strength of any successful business project. So for us. We choose our team members judging their practical experience, dedication, passion for work, and educational background. Besides, we do not need any Instruments for our business and the workers are well aware of their usages.

With these capable designers in their comfortable working environment, we have gained tons of testimonials and positive reviews from our valued customers.

Professional Photo Retouching Services Worldwide
After visiting our portfolio, many photographers often ask us about the location of our office. Some others also ask if they can have our service from countries except the USA. We are happy to inform you that we provide our service online and so you can order from anywhere in the world. We have our customers worldwide, including Canada, USA, China, Spain, France, Brazil, and in many other places.

As the primary business area, the USA was the first place we chose to start. From the west to east, we have many clients in the USA and the cities likely New York, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, San Diego, and others. We also appreciate you checking the testimonials by the American customers and be assured about it.

Canada is the second country we thought to expand our business overseas rather than the USA. Our service covers almost all the Canadian provinces including Ottawa, British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Vancouver, Quebec, or Montreal. And we have both French and English speaking associates who are in charge of serving you.

We allow our customers to use their languages while in a conversation with us as we have multilingual workers here. So, from any provinces of Europe, you can contact us with English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages. The Internet doesn’t have a boundary and so to us while contacting you.

We also have worked with some wedding photographers, landscape and wildlife photographers, and business executives of England to help them fix their photos. And so, you can also let us collaborate with you if you are in the United States. And enjoy our service to make something great.

We also offer our professional photo retouching and altering services in Sydney and Auckland. So, don’t worry if you are anywhere in these countries thinking about not getting change to enjoy our photo editing support. We will make sure that we perform our best to meet all your needs.

The country of technology and creativity, Japan cannot be out of our service. We highly appreciate the creativeness of Japanese photo shooters and we are aware of their taste. So, from any place in Japan, you can contact us and order for our work.

Another country with millions of talented photographers in Asia is China and we also appreciate them to let us work for them. In 2013, China photographers started working with digital artists from primary color correction and artistic alteration. They are used to paying close attention to every single detail of the photos that’s why they need expert level retouching service. And, we are here to provide them and to make them satisfied.

Besides, other countries like Germany, Korea, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, India are not even out of our touch. Once again, it is to inform you that it is an online service and so it doesn’t matter what part of the world you are staying in. You can enjoy our professional photo editing and retouching service anytime.

Get A Free Quote for Our Photo Editing Service
To get a more accurate price, you can upload a few images adjacent to the example you want to give a try like that. It will help if you can mark the area you want to retouch and other details. Uploading the raw files is encouraged and you have to send us our email address and other details to contact you for further information and delivery. Leave us the detailed instructions and give your e-mail address and our photo retouching assistants will get in touch with you within ONE HOUR.
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Why To Choose Photo Retouching Lab

There are some reasons to select our services over numerous other sources. We are one of the best you could find in the whole World.

✓ We provide all the possible ways to beautify any image as per customer demand. Our team is ready to hear from you and we take all kinds of suggestions to meet the demands of the consumers. The best thing is you can connect to the retoucher to discuss your works directly.

✓ Our payment system is backed up by the industry’s best security solutions and all the transaction data is dealt with utmost priorities. We also accept PayPal for your convenience.

✓ Our team is dedicated to working efficiently. Providing results in the quickest time possible is our second nature. We also support cloud storage. We prefer Dropbox which keeps the file quality intact and synchronizes instantly.

✓ We respect customer demand and requested deadlines. Most of our works do not take more than 2 days to complete. Our team promises quick delivery according to workloads.

✓ You can rest assured with our photo altering qualities. We give our utmost priority to the outcome. All of our staff are professionals in the photo editing sector and always ready to improve themselves with consistent learning.

You can also check the pictures attached to our site to judge the quality of our photo clipping services. It is the most logical way to convince you to choose our team over other vendors.

We have made the best possible team with skilled designers and professional photo editors. Photo Retouching Lab promises customer satisfaction and so, it gains numeral testimonials of customer satisfaction. To know about how it will work for you, you can visit the ‘how it works’ page.

Benefits to Choose Our Image Editing Services

✓ We have dedicated Photoshop experts and photo retouchers to fix your photos.
✓ You can give us complete guidelines and sample examples. And we promise to follow those guidelines properly.
✓ We allow you to request change even after the delivery if you don’t like it.
✓ We have pro quality assurance experts who will perform the assurance before delivering the product to you.
✓ Without your permission, we never showcase your photo on our homepage or portfolios as a sample of our recent work.
✓ All the tasks are handled inside our office by our full time workers. We never ask for the outsource workers to handle your tasks. That’s why working with us is 100% secured.
✓ It is an online photo retouching service and so, you can place an order anytime and from anywhere.
✓ Photo Retouching Lab is familiar as one of the best photo retouching services and to have trust in us, you can search on Google for our popularity and promised existence.
✓ Whether it is wedding photo editing, glamour, and fashion editing, portrait retouching, or photo restoration tasks, we can handle them with skilled hands as our workers have experience in different photo editing genres.
✓ Affordability is the most appreciated benefit of choosing us. Keeping the quality at its highest level, we love to provide services with the most affordable pricing.

About Photo Retouching Lab Service

Photo Retouching Lab has been providing photo retouching and altering services for several years. Before that, we worked on the relevant fields to be a specialist on it. Now, we provide the widest range of retouching services professionally. The retouchers working for us become good at retouching any kind of Photoshop work on different genres.

We aim to provide affordable, secure, fast, and high-quality retouching service for photographers who can’t afford to do that by themselves. So, take photos and rely on us to edit them to make some masterpieces.

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