Famous Photography Exhibitions

An exhibition is a place where a particular kind of object, either artistic or technological, is shown for the people artistically. People can buy those objects or photos in most of the photography exhibitions. But the focused aim of an exhibition is to teach people about the artwork and its meaning. So, people come and enjoy those visual art and technological objects and feel the artistic essence.

When it is about Photo exhibitions, it is all about exposing the photos captured by the photographers. So, the exhibition organizers arrange a show with the photographs to the visitors. From the exhibition, photographers come to the spotlight and become famous in this photo exhibitions. So, it is quite like a visual art show and selling center.


What are Photography Exhibitions?

When something is about some artwork, the photography exhibitions must come there. In the case of Photography, the exhibition is a very familiar arrangement. Because it is very important to find out the true and unrevealed talent. Besides, it is a great idea to show your best captures of the world. So, today we are going to talk about photography exhibitions and beyond.

However, whether you are a photographer or a viewer, you should learn about this term before heading towards it for once. Today, you will learn exactly what this exhibition is and why it is an essential part of the world of photography. Besides, I will describe the most popular organizers in this field. Hopefully, these basics will help you to have a very clear idea about it.


Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

Necessary for Arranging a Photography Exhibition

Arranging  Photo Exhibitions is very important for photographers and even for the organizers. A photographer cannot come to be known until his works became famous. And the most effective and easiest way to do so is the exhibition. Besides the photographers, the organizers also become famous and familiar through an exhibition.

Another important necessity of arranging photography exhibitions is to bring a unique point of view of a photographer to light. The uniqueness and special talent of those unrevealed true photographers can only get highlighted from an exhibition. At the same time, it is another way to earn and get profited by selling the photos.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

Organizations that Arrange the Biggest Photography Exhibitions

Around the world, there are thousands of organizations that arrange photo exhibitions on different occasions. It has become so familiar that schools, Colleges, and universities also tend to arrange this at the intra-institution level. All of the organizers seek to find the hidden talent and bring them to light.

However, world-famous organizers are quite different from them. Here, I have briefly described 10 of the best photography exhibition organizers around the world.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • World Photography Organization

Scott Gray founded the World Photography Organization in 2007 which is well known as a popular platform of photography initiative. It hosts a very active round portfolio event that includes Sony World Photography Awards, PHOTOFAIRS, etc to present the scheme of fine Arts.

The principle aim of the World Photography Organization is to create, deliver, and produce different types of photography events with its partners. It works in more than twenty countries of this world. Also, it collects over 1.5 million excellent photos from around 200 countries. So, the contribution of this organization in the field of photography is quite huge and so, it should always be appreciated.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • Magnum Photos

Another popular photo exhibition organization is Magnum Photos that is mainly operated by its leading photographers. According to the co-founder of this organization Henri Cartier-Bresson, “Magnum is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to transcribe it visually.”

Magnum has 4 offices in New York City, Paris, London, and Tokyo. It was founded in 1947 and so, it is seen that Magnum is quite an experienced photography operator in the world. The organization priorities over photojournalism and Stock Photography. Every year, it organizes big photography events and shows the unique captions of famous photographers. From 2015, it starts providing Graduate Photographers Awards.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • World Press Photo Foundation

You may hear about this photography organization. Because it is a very renowned and popular non-profitable organization that is founded based on Photojournalism and so on. The headquarters of this company is situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1955, this organization was founded to hold an annual press meeting conference on Photography. This well-established organization is closely associated with Human Rights Watch.

The key objective of this organization is to support professional photojournalism through the world press photo Academy. By arranging lots of effective and theme exhibitions, this organization inspires photographers to bring their talent in light. At the same time, it tries to encourage the highest professional standards in visual journalists through the photos.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • Museum of Photographic Art

Briefly, people call it MOPA. Museum of Photographic Art is a foundation that was founded in 1974 though it completely opened in 1983. MOPA is one of the best three organizations in the US that was completely dedicated to the preservation and collection of photography. It is situated in the Balboa Park of San Diego.

A very good number of photographers are related to this foundation. Every year, MOPA organizes couples of photography exhibitions. These high profile exhibitions contribute a lot to the history of photography. So, the contribution of this great museum is impossible to deny.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • Blue Sky

Blue Sky is another non-profitable photography exhibition and explication organization. The headquarters of this organization is situated in Oregon, Poland. It gains so much popularity that it has now become the venue of emerging photographers of the 21st century. This organization is aimed to provide a better future for the photographers besides dedicating towards the Education of the whole world.

There are more than seven hundred well-established photographers who are involved with this famous photography organization. They are working for its betterment and to find true photographers. This is how Blue Sky contributes to the field of photography and arranges an exhibition to do something greater.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • Friends of Photography

Friends of Photography was first established in the year 1967 by Ansel Adams and others. It was a nonprofit organization and was formed to promote photography as an art. They held around 330+ exhibitions and numerous publications under the name Untitled. It had multiple galleries situated in Carmel and San Francisco.


Ansel Adams and his friends had a gathering at his home in Carmel and there they had discussed making an organization promote photography. After the meeting the work to make the organization started. In 1969, it’s first publication; Portfolio I: The Persistence of Beauty came out. It made a great impact on the development of modern photography. The organization was formerly closed in the year 2001.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • Photo Club de Paris

Photo Club de Paris was originated from members who were involved in the Societe de Française de Photographie. It was founded in 1888 and from 1891 under the leadership of Maurice Bucquet worked to establish photography as fine art. In the year 1894, it held one of the most aristocratic and international photographic salons of the 19th century. The club had members such as Robert Demachy, Constant Puyo, and other influential photographers.

It’s the first exhibition held in January 1894 at Rue de Seze in Paris. It was one of the first international communities of photography. The club had an impact on technical improvements in photography rather than the artistic movement. The club promoted the aesthetics of pictorialism. It expressed that photography is not just recording the reality but an expression of beauty and emotion.

Most Famous Photography Exhibitions Around The World

  • Photo League

The Photo League was a group of photographers who worked for different social causes and creative movements. It was formed in 1936 by some of the most influential photographers from the United States. Among them, there were co-founders Sol Libsohn and Sid Grossman, Morris Enge, Arthur Leipzig, Ruth Orkin, Jerome Liebling, Lester Talkington, and others.

It worked for social causes and made some documentaries on working conditions in the US. In the year 1951, all its operations were seized and marked as a communist organization. One of the most notable publications was named Photo Notes where their articles on photography were published. On its good days, there were about 250 active members.

  • 291 art gallery

291 is a renowned art gallery and it was located in New York City from  1905 – 1917. Alfred Stieglitz started it and managed it in the earlier days. This art gallery is noteworthy for its contribution to make photography to the level of paintings and sculptures in America. The exhibitions that were held there were very influential for the art community in the United States. It influenced many world-class photographers around the world.

The gallery is originally known as “Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession”. At the beginning of the 20th century, the art of camera photography was not realized. Photography was not considered as real art. Stieglitz hoped to elevate the passion of photography to the level of art. He worked hard to hold into the moto that photography is for photography’s sake not for any other art form.

The art gallery 291 had a serious impact on the heart of culture and society. Even though the gallery existed for 13 years, it marked the history of photography with hope and inspiration. It was not just a gallery for exhibitions, it was a place for art lovers, academia for artists and photographers.

  • International Centre of Photography School

The International Culture of Photography or ICP is a famous foundation that works on the development of photography. This organization is consistent with a museum to expose the visual artworks and a school that offers different courses and degrees on a variety of programs especially on photography and fine arts. ICP was founded in 1974 by Cornell Capa.

It was mainly founded to continue the legacy of concerned photography. Already, this organization has presented over 500 exhibitions with photos of more than 3 thousands of photographers. The founders of this extraordinary organization mainly realize the essence of humanitarian documentary work for what they founded it. After that, they ended up founding the International Culture of Photography.


I think most of the organizers are familiar to you because of their vast popularity. Learning about photography exhibitions will never be effective if you don’t have a basic idea about the photography industry and the organizations. Also, you should realize the essence of art and its true meaning. Only then you can be able to feel the exact feeling of the photographer while enjoying the photo he or she captured. However, here I am going to say tata. Let me know if you have anything to ask. Thank you for staying in touch. 

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