Clipping Path Service

What is Clipping Path Service?

In general, a clipping path service is a type of photo editing service that is mainly used for business or product photography. The principal task of this service is to remove any particular portion or the entire background of an image. It is essential because business owners often need to use photos over their own backgrounds.

Also, some love to use a white background as well. Whatever the background will be, it’s primary concern is to let the photo be used on any background. That’s why this specialized service is a very essential E-commerce business and online marketplaces. This kind of task is perfect to provide a professional appearance to the product in the photo.

However, it is also called the image cutout service. The photo editors mainly use the pen tool of photoshop to cut the product edges out of the background and just separate them. Photo Retouching Lab has also got a name for its outstanding performance on clipping paths with a huge number of clients.

We have a very expert team to take care of this service following the steps and company instructions. We have all high-tech and modern photoshoot tools and equipment that let us handle all those tasks in a good hand.

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Why Clipping Path Service?

It is true that the main concern of the clipping path is to disappear the background of a photo. But it is not just used to do so and it works as the primary steps of some other photo editing services like image masking Service, image mannequin, and image Retouching services. In these cases, a separate photo of the particular product is essential and so, the clipping path is used to get that.

In the case of making the path, the quality is said to be hard to maintain. That’s the cause of many of your concerns. Okay, stop worrying and keep trust in us. We have no record to compromise with the quality and it is our company rules. So, we can assure you the best quality clipping path for your products. We have numbers of expert team members who are assigned particular tasks if clipping the path. That is why there is no way one step is forgotten and so to destroy the quality.

Besides, we have the most number of positive reviews from our clients. To ensure our service and quality, we offer you a free trial. After you come to know about how good we are in this task, you can come to some commitments. Furthermore, you will get additional discounts for bulk orders. In this case, the amount of discount is completely dependent on the amount of your order. The more you order, the less we charge. Moreover, the coupon system is also there and if you manage to earn a coupon, you will get more discount on that.

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Our Service Category

Shoes Photo Clipping Path

We have already a better experience of working on different shoe photos. To upgrade the outlook of the shoes in the photos, we love to try different clipping paths and other photo editing services. The shoes in the photos will get back its true and naturalistic appearance that will definitely increase your sales.

Shoes Clipping Path is applied on:

  • White and clean backdrop making
  • Shoe shadow creating
  • Shoe clipping path creating
  • Border smoothening and fixing
  • Natural small shadow dropping

Cosmetic Photo Clipping Path

Photo Retouching Lab also supports you to provide your makeup and other cosmetics an extravagant outlook. We will ensure you the best result with the most attractive features and color correction. All those editions will work quite better to make your cosmetic shop famous by nights because of the elegant product photos.

Cosmetic Clipping Path is applied on:

  • Adding reflection and enhancement
  • Fixing and Smoothening borders
  • Background Removing and white background adding
  • Creating small detail shadow
  • Color correction and changing
  • Product retouching and resizing

Product Photo Clipping Path

Providing an appropriate background for a product like a bag, electronics, smart devices, etc is quite important. For that clipping path is applied to remove the previous and unwanted background. Any type of product can have this service to have the most attractive appearance.

Product Clipping Path is applied on:

  • Removing Background
  • Border fixing and smoothening
  • Product photo enhancement
  • Photo straightening and alignment adjusting

E-commerce Photo Clipping Path

Most of the biggest e-commerce websites like Amazon require product photos with some particular features like white background, 360-degree view, and similar. We are aware of those requirements and used to provide excellent outcomes for that.

Ecommerce Clipping Path is applied on:

  • Adding shadow and reflection
  • Fixing or smoothening the borders
  • Photo Retouching and enhancement
  • Background Removing
  • Removing defects
  • Photo straightening and resizing

Object Photo Clipping Path

This service is generally provided for photographers who love to take photos of different objects. We love to accept your work and add some of our potentiality to give the object the most appealing look. It can be a gorgeous dish or a statue. We research the clients’ tastes properly and work accordingly.

Object Clipping Path is applied on:

  • Color correction and changing
  • Adding reflection and glossiness
  • Smoothening or fixing the borders
  • Removing Backdrop and changing
  • Object retouching and enhancement
  • Photo cropping and resizing
  • Alignment adjusting

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How Do We Do It?

Now, you must think about how we are doing it, right? Well, we follow a very strict rule to serve our clients. We are extensively instructed not to compromise with quality. That’s why we send every single image to the clients after editing it. Their confirmation of satisfaction leads us to finish other tasks before finally delivering them. We never get tired to re-edit the images until they come to the standard of the clients’ needs. Our team with a good number of experts is divided into several sections to handle different tasks and we aim to maintain a good team working system.
  • Clipping Path With white Background (Cpwb)
  • Clipping Path With Transparent Background (Cptb)
  • Clipping Path Transparent Background with extra any colored layers
  • Provide Custom Image as Background
  • Multiple Paths for Color Correction

Who Needs Our Service?


Most of the time, photographers from different industries like fashion, commercial, real estate, etc. are assigned to modify the photos in the business deals. But often handling so many tasks like making clipping paths or ghost mannequins for different product photos isn’t possible for them. That’s why they need this service on a regular basis.


The E-commerce industry is now the most leading one in the world. That’s why businessmen are now heading towards e-commerce business. As a counter of that, online sell and buy are broadening. The more products they want to buy, the more photos they need. As a result, they also need to get service from these editing sections.


In the modeling world, thousands of photos are captured regularly and it has a great value in the fashion industry. But taking photos is not everything to be done. The biggest part lies in editing and retouching of the images professionally. That’s why all these photo editing services become very essential in this case.


In the field of real-estate business, having good photos of the properties is like a must for any company. Otherwise, customers won’t get involved with them. So, a photographer is essential to take good photos where image editing services are like the armor for the warriors in this case.


We all know that news and Magazines of today’s world include more photos than the reports. So, taking photos is the job of many photojournalists and photographers. So, the photo editing services play a vital role to provide liveliness on those photos and make them eye-catching.

Online Marketers

One of the biggest parts of Magazine is the advertising part. To properly advertise in a Magazine, good product photos are indeed essential. That’s another task for the photo editing companies. Without having some essential photo editing services, the camera photos are not enough qualified to publish on the Magazines.

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Why You Choose To Photo Retouching Lab ?

There is a set of reasons why You Choose Our Image Editing Service.
  • We are deeply concerned about the quality. To be confident that our deliveries meet top quality requirements, we hire only professional stuff and still spend much time on their education and training. The team also includes experienced clipping path service specialists that have numberless examples of clipping path in their portfolios. They can easily cope with the most comprehensive tasks as a clipping path around the hair.
  • We have easy ways of payments, care a lot about the security of your online payments. We accept PayPal for the convenience of our customers.
  • We guarantee a fast transfer of results. Our preference is DropBox, which guarantees fast picture interchanging all over the world. Your folders will be auto synchronized with Photo Retouching Lab system, so we can copy/paste images any time we need it within several seconds. You may also use addition file managers under the condition of the before-hand agreement. We work around the clock. That guarantees fast delivery. Photo Retouching Lab tries to complete every order within not more than 2 working days (except bulk orders).
  • The best thing that may convince you to choose exactly this image editing service company in our portfolio. On the pictures attached below, you will see possible variants of creating clipping paths in Photoshop in a big resolution.

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